The ARGW 25 is used for de-waxing and burning of small moulds.

Moulds or flasks are placed on the grid on the bottom whereby the wax can flow away in the tray under the grid which has an exit under the oven where it can be collected in a tray to be used again.
In the first part of programmable process the chimney on the oven is opened so the steam from the mould can escape.
In the later part of the process the chimney can be closed again whereby unnecessary loss of heat is prevented.
Because the wax is drained (and not totally burned) there will be hardly any wax odour .
Power: 2,5kW
Maximum temperature: 850°C








The ARGW 50 is a de-waxing oven with a capacity of 50 litres. The oven is double walled (stainless steel)and double insulated.
The inner wall serves as a condensation wall for steam generated in the process.
The condense drips in the funnel under the grid where it will flow trough the exit under the oven or is evaporated again and can escape through the chimney on top of the oven.
The oven has a programmable temperature controller for many firing processes.

Inner sizes: 34cm X 34 cm X 43cm
Power: 3,3kW
Maximum temperature: 850°C


argw50-1 argw50-ret










The ARGW 125 is a de-waxing oven with a capacity of 125 litres.
With this type of oven moulds and flasks can be drained of wax and baked whereby there is very little smell of wax detectable because the wax from the mould or flask is drained outside the oven during the first faze of the firing process.
In this way the wax is not fully burned but can be used again for a next mould.
In the process, much steam is generated,all the water used in the investment has to be removed from the mould.
For this reason the ovens are double walled and of course manufactured using stainless steel. In the cover a chimney is present that can be opened or closed for venting steam which is generated mainly in the first part of the firing process (up to ± 400 to 500°C ). After evaporation of the water the chimney can than be closed minimising the loss of heat during the baking part of the process.


De-waxing ovens are supplied with fully free programmable process controllers with which many programs can be composed for all sorts of firing processes , with many possible events and actions.
Also actions on how the oven should behave after power failure and recovery.
Inner sizes: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm
Power: 9kW