"Specials": ovens and furnaces build for special purposes and to customer specifications. The ARG-U is one example of this. This oven was developed and build for drying metal splinters as residue coming from the metal industry. The metal splinters are often delivered in a wet condition because of the cutting process in industry. To determine the dry weight of the metal residue, before recycling, a sample is taken from the load of the delivered metal and dried. The oven is equipped with a timer and an end- of- process flashlight that determines the time of drying and gives a light signal at the end of the process respectively. The supply of fresh air is located at the bottom of the oven. The air than flows across the sample and leaves the oven together with the fumes through the chimney.

Power: 2,5 kW


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Another example is this Argus 500 , a 500 litre oven.
Meant for larger pieces or parts to be burned clean.
The door is bearing suspended and fully adjustable to assure a tight closing.
The oven has adjustable vents on top and bottom.
Maximum temperature 850 ° C.
Power 9 kW









This vacuum flask oven is new developed for the purpose of de-waxing flasks that hold moulds with wax.
Also this oven is build in stainless steel and the burning/vacuum chamber out of a special type of stainless steel that can withstand high temperature combined in an aggressive atmosphere.
Big advantage of this oven is that there is no need to take the flask out and place it in a separate vacuum chamber since the vessel inside also acts as a vacuum chamber, this has the advantage that the flask can be kept at an accurate temperature during casting.
At the beginning of the process the oven is turned upside down and the wax with water flows outside thru a funnel integrated in the cover after the initial part of the process , the oven can be turned back to its normal position to complete its burning process, after which the cover can be opened and vacuum can be switched on at which point the mould in the flask can be filled with molten metal.
One of the suspension shafts is hollow and connected to the vacuum chamber.
A vacuum pump is connected to this shaft and switched on after which the flask is filled under vacuum.
During this process the flask with the mould is kept on the right temperature after which can follow an controlled cooling down track.
After filling and cooling the flask can be taken out to be washed out.
Supplied with a programmable process controller.

Maximum temperature 850° C
Power 2,5 kW

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The ARGLS 3 is an oven that can be used for melting lead, tin or zamak.
The oven holds a removable pouring vessel with a capacity of 3 litres.
Power: 2,5kW
Maximum temperature: 600°C