The ARGSL 5 is a furnace used for crucibles up to size A5.
The furnace is very suitable for smaller castings and can be part of a complete set for vacuum casting.
This furnace has a crucible lift which is operated when the lid is opened. The crucible can than be taken out easily with a crucible tong, delivered with the furnace.
Like all furnaces and ovens of Argurion power consumption is very economic due to a high quality and thick insulation.
Power: 3kW.
Maximum temperature 1300°C

argsl5dicht argsl5open argsl5heet

All furnaces and ovens from Argurion are using SSR's (Solid State Relay) to switch the power.
These semiconductor elements can switch faster and are very durable (no mechanical contacts)
In combination with the programmable controller it maintains an accurate control of the temperature.
The controllers are also"self teaching" meaning: the controller adapts itself to the furnace concerning mass and loss of heat. In the so called"self teaching mode"the controller will finds the correct settings for the P.I.D.(proportional - integral - differential)parameters. This will guarantee a very accurate way of controlling with hardly any over or undershoot of the temperature.
Especially when reaching the set temperature, the automatically set P.I.D. parameters will proof their use in approaching the set temperature in ever smaller steps, thus preventing over or undershoot at set temperature.
This form of control in combination with the excellent insulation, give the furnaces and ovens a high accuracy in maintaining the set temperature. (within 0,5%)

All furnaces and ovens can be delivered in normal as well as in stainless steel.
Each furnace is delivered with a crucible and pliers.



The ARGSL 8 is a professional furnace used for crucibles up to size A 8 (± 12kg bronze) and the melting of many non ferrous metals.
When the ARGSL 5 has a too small capacity, this furnace is a logical next step.
All Argurion furnaces can be equipped with either a mechanical or electric crucible lift system.

Power: 7kW. Maximum temperature: 1300°C.

ARGSL8openARGSL8 det.ARGSL8 inw.





The ARGSL 12 is the follow up of the ARGSL 8
A furnace for crucibles up to size A12
Like with the ARGSL 8 the crucible is lifted out of the furnace by means of a lever. The heating elements are switched off and galvanicly separated from the power supply when the furnace is opened.

Power: 9 kW
maximum temperature: 1300°C

ARGSL12dicht ARGSL12open ARGSL12det.




The ARGSL16 is again a bigger size furnace.
Used for crucibles up to size A16 (± 3ltr.)

Since this size crucible is to big to be handled by 1 person, this furnace
is delivered with crucible tong operated by 2 persons (TA16-2)
Power: 12 kW
Maximum temperature: 1300°C


ARGSL16 closeARGSL16 det





The ARGSL 30 is a furnace for even bigger crucibles.
This furnace can handle crucibles up to type A30 ( + 5 litres)

In this furnace, the crucible is pushed upward by means of an electric lift system.
In the bottom is an emergency exit for molten metal in case a crucible breaks.
At fully opening the furnace the heating is switched off. Operating the lift will cause a valve on a compressor to be opened supplying air to the plunger as cooling medium.

For lifting and handling the crucible, crucible tong type TA 20/30 can be used.
Power 15 kW
Maximum temperature: 1300°C


ARGSL30 open