Crucible tongs

Crucible tongs are indispensable tools when handling hot crucibles.
There are numerous types, depending on size of the crucible and the way a crucible is taken out of an oven or furnace .

On this page a few examples:

TA 3

TA3 for crucible type A3



crucible tongs for the smaller sizes, suitable for ovens or the smaller ARGSL furnaces.

(TA5 and TA4)


Tong type TA25d
These tongs can be used to take crucibles from a door-oven.

The eyes on the legs offer the possibility to lift the crucible by means of a hoist, while the ends of the legs can be used to guide the crucible.
A cable or chain can be led through the eyes keeping the pliers closed.

For the some bigger size crucibles and for use on top loading furnaces.
picture: TA12v



This crucible tong is handled by 2 persons and serve a double function: lifting the crucible from the furnace and be used to pore out the crucible. The ring can be opened and closed around the crucible and locked.
These type of tongs make the normally used "ring tool" obsolete.


These type of tongs are used for bigger crucibles.
However, it can be handled by 1 person.
This particular one is used for an A20 as well as an A30 crucible simply by removing or placing the grip faces.(see detail)
These tongs are suspended in an electrical operated hoist to lift the crucible from the furnace (ARGSL30) and can be rotated in their suspension.
Ta20/30 det.